Real Size Shogi Pieces Made of Chocolate!

On January 26 Shogi de Chocolat will be for sale. These are Shogi pieces made of chocolate.


Shogi de Chocolat is a set of 8 type of Shogi pieces made of Chocolate: King, Rook, Bishop, Gold General, Silver General, Knight, Lance and Pawn. These shogi pieces have the same size of the real ones. Because of their high grade of perfection, Shogi de Chocolat has become a product recommended by the Japan Shogi Association.


Also, the package comes with a brochure in Japanese and English with the history of Shogi and how to play rules. It would be an excellent gift for people overseas and for those who love Shogi.


About their taste, the cacao and its aroma are quite bitter.  Because of this, this might end up being a good gift for male Shogi fans which are many.

Because it’s on sale from January 26, it fits perfectly for Valentine’s gift in February. There is no doubt you will be pleased if you give Shogi de Chocolat as a gift to your boyfriend or father who likes shogi.

The package with 8 Shogi pieces will cost 1400 yen. It is scheduled to be released at Shogi Hall(tokyo), Tokyu Hans, Loft, mail order, etc.






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